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Auth0 Cordova Plugin: Android Issue



There is an issue on the Auth0 Cordova plugin where a user on an Android device cannot cancel their login, and then go back and try again. This is documented in Issue #44 and Issue #33.

Can someone give a status for these issues? Some have been open for almost a month, and a PR is out there to evaluate/merge. We have an app that needs this plugin, but this issue is a show-stopper.


This has been passed on to our engineering team to review. I suggest keeping an eye on on the Issues and the PR over the next day or two.


Thank you @prashant . I’ll keep an eye on it.


Thank you @prashant . I’ll keep an eye on it.


Hi @prashant - Any updates on this one? It’s been over a week and still no activity on this issue.


@prashant - We are almost a month out from your initial estimate of 1-2 days. These GitHub issues are now approaching 2 months from initial open. Is this Cordova project going to get attention? A user closing a login screen is a pretty common task, and it shouldn’t result in the user needing to close the app again in order to log in. This is a show-stopper for us. Wondering about a timeline for a fix.