Auth0 lock not working with cordova

I am building a mobile app using vue js, cordova and auth0 lock. I have followed the quickstart guide for cordova adding inAppBrowser plugin and followed the quickstart guide for vue js. The application works just fine whenever I use npm run dev to run it on my browser. However whenever I deploy it to my device and enter the log in info and press log in an error pops up at the top saying “WE’RE SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG WHEN ATTEMPTING TO LOG IN.” Any help would be appreciated I have tried many different solutions that don’t seem to work.

The Cordova quickstart may not be up to date as using Lock within an InAppBrowser window is not recommended; the recommended approach would be to make use of auth0-cordova library and implement a PKCE flow that authenticates users through the hosted login page.

The currently available Ionic2 quickstart makes use of that library so even though some of it will be Ionic2 specific you may want to use it as a reference as at least the parts about setting up the use of the auth0-cordova library may be reusable.

The Cordova quickstart has since been updated.

Is lock still not working with Cordova? I would prefer a more integrated experience than InAppBrowser.