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Auth0 cordova with InAppBrowser



We have an Cordova app which uses Auth0 for authentication. We integrated auth0 using Auth0 lock-9.1.4 which used to show the login page inside our app. It is been working fine so far. Lately there are notification from Auth0 that we have to update auth0 library to v11. I checked the possible ways to update and I saw that Auth0 suggest to use auth0-cordova library for Cordova apps(

With this library we have to use Universal login page and it opens login page in OS browser not in our app. Which looks bad. It will confuse our user that login page opens in browser.

  • Is there a way that we can stick to old library which not depend on hosted login page so that we can keep the user in our app itself while login?
  • Is there any way that I can still use auth0-cordova library without open the OS browser but use InAppBrowser while login?