Cordova & Angular 1.x - 'OK' white screen

I have a problem in Cordova Project with Angular 1.x version.

I cannot use inappbrowser because it is no longer supported by Google provider. So I install safariviewcontroller and customurlscheme plugins.

Therefore i use these libraries:

"auth0-lock": "^10.16.0",
"auth0.js": "^8.6.1",
"angular-lock": "^2.0.2",

With this configuration, from the app, on login with google click, the native browser is opened (through safariviewcontroller), but after authentication, Auth0 page shows a white screen with “OK”, and not try to redirect to the app (through customurlscheme).

How can i resolve?

One of the possible root causes for the behavior you’re seeing is documented here; however, it’s for a quickstart that still uses InAppBrowser so not sure if it may be applicable to your exact situation.

In addition, given your restrictions with InAppBrowser I would also recommend you to consider relying on the auth0-cordova library which supports the PKCE flow (the recommended flow for mobile applications) and already makes use of the plugins you’re trying to use so it can be safely used for Google authentication. This would rely on the hosted login page and not in Lock however.