Auth0 with Ionic using Webapp, Android and iOS


I have the same problem as Ionic Webapp, Android and iOS. How make them works all together?

I’ve spent a full day looking for a solution that works with Ionic & Auth0, trialling multiple technologies and have had no success.

We are developing an app in Ionic5/Angular9 which like the other ticket is going to be deployed in a Web app, Android app, and iOS. We want to make only one setup to all of them but I can’t find a solution that works in all places.

We also don’t want to use Ionic AuthConnect as this costs at minimum 4k additional per app per year when running on enterprise at 10k minimum.

The answer in the previous ticket pointed at a solution that only works when Cordova is running, so this does not solve the problem or mine as it needs to work in a web app too. I would suspect this is the problem everyone using a wrapped PWA hits, so isn’t an uncommon issue?


I’m not sure if this will help, but I had the similar problem with my Cordova app. See my original post here:

I’ve changed that flow a lot since June 1st, but the basic idea is the same.

I’m now using the cordova-plugin-safariviewcontroller plugin to launch what is essentially the same as “in app browser” to load my standard Auth0 login script via PHP on a web server. This plugin works on iOS and Android (on Android, it launches Chrome automatically). You can also test for it and if the plugin is not available in a regular web app, you can just use to open the same server based script to do the Auth0 login page, do the login, and pass the info back to the calling page.

It’s easier now that I don’t even need to use CUSTOM_URL_SCHEME as you can just control the safari-view-controller via javascript and close the window when the Auth0 login is complete.

I don’t know Ionic or Angular, but maybe this will help (since I know Ionic can use Cordova plugins).

So that’s how I do it for mobile and web apps using the same Auth0 login page.