Integrate Auth0 into ionic app

Hello, I am stuck on this issue since last three weeks now. I am creating an Ionic application which will be deployed as a pwa web app and android/ios. I want to integrate auth0 in such a way that my single codebase can work for all platforms.
I have tried normal implementation like angular project using auth0-js and auth0-lock and it works fine for my pwa web app, but doesn’t work for my android app.
I have also tried implementing solution given in docs:
and it works fine on android. But it gives me error of “isAvailable” on web.
How can I make the Auth0 Login available in web mode without getting the Cannot read property ‘isAvailable’ error?

Can I use auth0-js and auth0-lock at the same time for my native app? Does auth0 has support of capacitor of ionic? Is there any way in which I can deploy my applications on all platforms with a single codebase?

Good afternoon @divyasmehta, welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I wanted to reach out and let you know I am looking into this. When you get a chance can you please direct message me your tenant? Thanks in advance!

Were you able to find anything ? @James.Morrison

I need more details on the situation. I would be willing to dive into the specific instance you are experiencing but I need the tenant name for that. Please direct message me with any details that can help us in the investigation. Thanks in advance.

Touching base on this front @divyasmehta to see if it’s a public repo or private?

Can you share more details directly related to this error?

There really shouldn’t be a need unless you feel like you’re missing something? If so, please share with us so we can better understand.