Add Auth0 integration for Ionic Vue

Feature: Add auth0 integration guide and sdk for ionic-vue native apps.

Description: Currently you have integrations for “ionic & capacitor (React)” and “ionic & capacitor (Angular)” but you lack a vue alternative. It would be great if you could give Vue developers the same help as those from angular/react backgrounds.

Use-case: I’m building a corporative app that I need to be able to securize using oauth2. I’m using Ionic & Vue to the movile app development. I have been able to make it work with auth0 while on web browser development (using ionic serve and following the steps for the Vue SPA integration guide) but it doesn’t work when I try it on an emulated device on Android Studio (I’m a noob in mobile development… so maybe I’ m just doing something wrong and the SPA guide should still work)

If you could help me out (and possibly lots of other Vue developers) I would be very grateful.

Thank you for creating this feedback card! Let’s see who else from our community will be interested in such improvement!

I’m also looking for some kind of help on how to use Auth0 on Ionic-Vue! I’ve been searching for hours without any luck​:dizzy_face:! Everything is for angular! Please consider updating the docs :pray:

Thank you for advocating for that. Will do my best to advocate for that internally as well!

This would be huge for me.

Thanks for advocating for that!

I would really like to see this guide. Cheers.

Thanks for adding your +1 to this Spence!

+1 Ive been struggling for about a week to get integrated with Vue at all on mobile. I am all out of ideas, was considering trying to learn react just for this but unfortunately probably going to have to switch auth providers until there is some documentation.

Sorry to hear that and thanks for adding that context Eric!

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No problem, i’ll be keeping an eye out for any news on this issue.

Sure, we’ll let you know once it’s there!