Extensibility section in Advanced Tenant Settings

I don’t see an “Extensibility” section in my advanced tenant settings. The Node v8 migration docs indicate that there should be an Extensbility section that will allow us to test out v8.

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Hey @brian.hulick :wave: The extensibility section will be visible to you on the Dashboard when the new Node 8 runtime is made available on April 17, 2018 as mentioned in the notification:

On April 17th, 2018 we will be making the Node 8 runtime available to all public cloud customers.

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Ah yes, sorry that I didn’t read to the bottom before posting. Thanks!

No worries! Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions or would like further clarifications :slight_smile:

It may be stated, but it is still unclear. I came here with the same problem. Thanks.

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Hey @jordan.eliastam :wave: You’re absolutely right - we could have done a better job at being more clear with the availability date of the Extensibility panel. We’ve made the changes to the Migration Guide yesterday and they will be deployed today.

Apologies for the confusion this caused and thanks for being understanding!