Error! Your card was declined

I can’t get ahold of support, because I cannot get a subscription, because my card is being declined. I’ve sent emails without any response so far.

I’ve tried with 3 different credit cards and get " Error! Your card was declined." Called my bank and they said they haven’t received or blocked anything their side. Who can help or what do I need to do to give you money?

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@James.Morrison: do you know someone @hgeldenhuys can talk to about this?

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Much appreciated @markd, still no response from sales on billing

Hey there @hgeldenhuys!

Can you send me your email address so I can ping the appropriate team! Can do it via private message

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Here’s the update. I checked it with our developer support team. We tried to check our Stripe’s logs regarding your account.

Nothing shows up, it’s failing even before reaching the subscription creation stage. Right now we’re not able to give you a paid account unless you provide us with valid card. Can you check with your ban whether everything is ok with your card?

Hi Konrad,

I phoned my bank and they confirmed everything is okay. No transaction from your vendor or Auth0 reached them. They confirmed other transactions that were validated on the same day, but not yours.

I provided your billing page with my card, willing to do it over the phone since there’s no other option.

Got it!

Unfortunately we’re not able to do anything with that on our end. Can you try once again scaling up to paid account once your account expires? Don’t think that’s a reason but let’s try!