Error 409 recreating a user after delete

After deleting a user via DELETE /api/v2/users/{id} a user no longer shows up in the auth0 dashboard, as expected. Any list or search to GET /api/v2/users does not return that user, also as expected.
When attempting to re-add the user via POST /users/v2/users, the service returns an error 409. This error is not expected, and instead the user should be created with a 201 as the return code.

Why is the API saying the user exists, but that user is nowhere to be found via the auth0 portal, nor the management API?

I found the issue causing the 409. As part of our initial migration from our own identity provider to auth0, we used the Connections > Database > Custom Database feature. The username existed in the old migration database, which in turn was causing the 409 response. After changing both the ‘Login’ and ‘Get User’ database action scripts to “callback(null,null);” the user was able to be created.