Enterprise Connection Save Changes button not working

The Save Changes button when creating / updating an OIDC Enterprise Connection no longer seems to be working.
There are no errors at all and the button just goes grey after clicking it:

When the page is refreshed the changes are lost.

However if you change to the Login Experience tab and then click Save all the changes are recorded and the fields are validated correctly.

Hi @sam_w

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Sorry for the inconvenience, may I ask you if this issue still occur? Or was it a one time issue. I couldn’t reproduce it on my own tenant.

Thank you

Hi @dawid.matuszczyk it’s still an issue for me - the fields don’t seem to be validated until I switch tabs and use the Save button there.
I’ve attached a recording of the issue using a test connection:
Recording 2024-01-31 093142

Thank you for the video. Which browser are you using?

Hi @dawid.matuszczyk,

This issue is still there for me - the “Save Changes” button still seems that not working.

  • When try to enable the toggle button of “Use Common” endpoint, it’s asking me to set_email_verified to ‘false’. And I did that too but still not letting me to save the changes by clicking on the “Save Changes” button

  • When the page is refreshed the changes are lost.

Please have a look into this matter as soon as possible. Your participation will be greatly appreciated