OIDC Enterprise Connection - Error when trying to enable OIDC connection per application

Hi, I’m trying to enable my new OIDC enterprise connection on the Authentication > Enterprise > OpenID Connect > (New connection) > Applications page .

Our B2B app’s login flow requires the user to enter an org first, then login. At this login page I’ve set up the new OIDC connection as an SSO login button. We’ve set up different applications per organization.

Whenever I try to enable the new connection with the application corresponding to this organization I get this error in the UI. However it works for some other applications. I’ve cross-referenced the settings for both applications and cannot find any difference.

Error! Unexpected failure trying to update the connection.

Another question I had was what is the difference between enabling the enterprise connection on this page, versus the page at Organizations > (Organization) > Connections > Enable connections ? By enabling the OIDC connection here I am able to see the button on the login page.

I’ve tried checking the monitoring logs but this error doesn’t seem to be tracked there.