Email delivery suddenly stopped working on UK-1 dev tenent

update: the email eventually did arrived, but it seems take a long time for auth0 to connect to mailgun./

hi there,

we hava tenent on uk-1 and it is setup to use mailgun to deliver email for us. the connection between auth0 and mailgun suddently stopped working:

  1. we didn’t change anything recently before it is broken.
  2. the last mail it sent was this morning.
  3. we tested mailgun api manually in command line, sending to the same email address, it is working.
  4. mailgun log screen doesn’t show any request from auth0 since mid day today.
  5. we tried to copy and paste api key again, clicked the test button, didnt work.

we also have a eu-2 tenant connected to mailgun, it is working fine.
also we can’t find uk-1 server health status here: .

can somebody have a look at the server?

Hi @normanzb , welcome to the Auth0 Community!

The UK-1 region has been in Beta for a while and is in the process of moving the GA, once this region is officially GA a notification will go out on the Auth0 Changelog. I believe the team are aiming to complete all the necessary changes today including the addition to the status page. Until then we would recommend only using this UK region for testing.
I recommend subscribing to the Changelog to keep up to date with product changes and updates.
Hope this helps, thanks!