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Trying to use external email provider on free subscription account. How to find out why Notification send fails? Currently when I look at logs in Monitoring, it just says “Failed Sending Notification” and provides no error related info as to why it failed?

Does anyone have a clue regarding this?

Hey there!

I would like to assist you with that. Can you let me know what doc have you used for configuring Mailgun? That will help me start my investigation. Thank you!

I am trying to follow this one

Thank you! Let me set it up and configure and see if it works for me. I’ll get back to you with the news as soon as I have something to share

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Hi there… any luck with this?

Anyone has any idea how this is suppose to work??? or one has to pay money to Auth0 to get answers

Hey there!

Terribly sorry! I must have totally forgot about it. Testing it right now. Can you tell me if you’re using a paid version of MailGun? I mean have you added you card details or you’re using the free limited version?

The “Failed Sending Notification” log in Auth0 logs won’t tell you anything more specific about that error as the core part here is MailGun configuration and their service. Can you check in MailGun if you have some notification or check “Sending overview” section to see if there’s anything out there?

Hi… I am currently on the free tier of mail gun as no emails are going through it. I have checked Mailgun dashboard and logs…there is no error there as no request from Auth0 is hitting the account. When I try to send test email from mailgun, I receive those emails instantly but nothing from Auth0.

this is resolved. I guess the documentation should mention that we have to whitelist auth0 IPs for it to work. The documentation does not even mention anything about whitelisting the IPs.

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Great to hear that! I’ll relay that to our docs team.

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