Dutch translations are confusing in Universal Login

The Dutch translations are confusing, the same word “Aanmelden” is used both for “Log in” as well as for “Sign up”. I will grant that indeed in Dutch that same word could be applied for both situations, but normally I’d say that when signing up one could use “Aanmelden” and when logging in one would use “Inloggen”.
Attached screenshots of the login and of the signup page, as you can see there are almost the same.

Also clearly visible in Universal Login Prompts and Universal Login Prompts

Hi @Jan,

Thanks for the feedback! I am going to submit this to the respective team.


Agreed, this is quite confusing UX copy in practice. There’s also no visual difference in the forms regarding title or other copy, and so the user has no idea what he / she is doing.

I’d like to suggest following labels below the button:

Hebt u geen account? Registreren (= Dutch / Flemish verb for Register / Sign-up)

Hebt u al een account? Inloggen ( Ducth / Flemish verb for login)

For the buttons themselves:

The button copy shoud be not “Inloggen” but “Login” (Action verb) for the login form

The button copy should be “Registreer” for the sign-up form.

This would be most clear copy for the users.