Drupal 8: Logging in via Google creates weird username

Using Drupal 8, when a user logs in via Google, their Drupal username ends up being the username of their Google account followed by a long string of digits. E.g., if I log in as margy@colab.coop, my Drupal username is something like margy46354759695.

Is there a way to enable us to create more user-friendly usernames for Google users? Maybe something like margy-colab-coop? Or if the person’s full name is Google is Margy Smith, make it margy-smith?

As stated in my another reply. Let me do some more research around that in Drupal and get back to you @margyly!

Hey there @margyly!

Same here. Can you raise this issue in the Drupal repo of Auth0 here?

It will be best to work with our Drupal guys on that directly. Thank you! make sure to share the link to the issue with us here.