Google login with Lock: changing permissions and displayed URL

We’ve got Lock set up to allow users to create an account and sign in through Google. When the user does this, this screen comes up (email address redacted):

Two problems here:

  1. Most alarming is the Gmail permissions. This is going to be scary for a new user. I have no idea why it’s there to begin with; we do nothing like this with the user’s email and I don’t even know how we would if we wanted to. Any way to scale this message way back?
  2. Can we change the mentions of “” to our company name? I found this thread, but has anything changed in the last two years?

Hey there @tlhinman!

  1. Unfortunately as far as I know it’s not on our side but actually Google API so there is no way we can do anything about that on our side
  2. Not sure about this one. Let me research that and get back to you!
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Thanks! Hopefully fixing #2 would curb users’ concerns a little bit. I’ll put in a ticket with Google about #1; I can’t believe there’s nothing we can do about that when I don’t know what we’re doing to make that show up to begin with.

Let me ask the appropriate team!

@tlhinman are you Folks using developer keys for that social connection?

You should use your own keys and a custom domain in order to get rid of the part.

Google uses the TLD+1 of the redirect URI received in the request so if using a custom domain that would be your domain.

Thanks! I think we can make custom domains work; currently working on it in our dev environment.

As for the scary Gmail warnings, this was helpful:

I have no idea how that Gmail box got checked to begin with, but it’s off now. It was never on for our production tenant, so it was likely never a problem there.

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Gotchya! Thanks a lot for sharing it with the rest of community!