User having 2 accounts (Auth0 IDs), However used Same Email and same Login Method (Google Login)

In the users list I can see One user having 2 Entries, however User has used same email and same login method - Google Login. How this would have happened.

Now If user is logging in he will not know which account he will land on post login.

Hey @accounts6 !

It shouldn’t be like that. To give you a quick explanation how it looks like. If user logs in using “Login with Google” once, then one will use username and password for login, then in that case it will be two different users even if the email is the same.

Hope it helps!

Unfortunately this was the exact same email and the same connection type and he could only login and see the details of the second account created. A very strange issue as should not be able to do that.

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Have you been able to go over that? Was it only a one-time situation?

Yes… this has been a single case. No other similar case being observed till now.

Hey folks! Wrote to both of you in private cause we need to look into your tenants and I’ll need some additional information. Thanks for co-operation! Will report back here if we know that this kind of issue affects bigger amount of tenants.

For the moment the user seems to be able to only login to the new account as he has a package attached and deos not see that any more, I have had to move his package to the new account so he can work, but have not had confirmation from the client if all is in order. and not sure it will remain like that.

@goodmanlantern.11 can you let me know if user identifiers are different? If they are it would suggest something on Google side. It could have happened that email domain could have been converted to GSuite domain which could have impacted user id. From this perspective, if Google provided us with a different user identifier then this behaviour is expected.

The other scenario might be that the user have been deleted and re-created hence the new user ID.

Hey there,

Have you been able to check whether the scenarios I gave you were the potential reason?

Thanks for help!