User with local Drupal 8 account can't log in

In Drupal 8, if a user has a local Drupal 8 account (that is, one that is not connected to an Auth0 account), they can’t log in. They see: “Wrong Username or Password”.

If they try to sign up for a new account, they can’t do that either. They see: “There was a problem logging you in: Please verify your email before logging in.”

Is there a way for the Auth0 module to create a matching Auth0 account in this case and connect them?

Already researching that for you! Will get back once I have any news to share!

Hey there @margyly!

Sorry for the delay in response. As we don’t have many people familiar with Drupal and taking care of that part of our stack I got asked if you can raise that issue in the GitHub repo so that to work on it directly with people who know Drupal. Here’s the repo:

Make sure to share with us link to the GitHub issue once you create it. Thank you!