Does Auth0 have a healthcheck endpoint?

I have a healthcheck endpoint on my server that, amongst other things, confirms that it can access Auth0.

The problem is that this results in an Auth0 log entry, so my logs are filled with useless crap.

Does Auth0 have an endpoint that I can connect to to check that it’s up without having to authenticate with it and thereby create a log entry?

Hi @dan.rumney , interesting…
Can you please elaborate on:

  1. how does it confirm that it “can access auth0”?
  2. what would be “accessing to auth0” mean on your endpoint?
  3. what would you ideally want to check from auth0 (or to which part of auth0 - maybe an API)?

@lobo Sure
So, right now, it connects to the management api with Client Credentials and does a getClient.
This makes sure that it has IP access and that the Auth0 domain and client information is set up.

It’s not ideal and, TBH, maybe a simple “ping” to the Auth0 api would be sufficient.

Ultimately, I want to know that my server can access Auth0. This would be to catch misconfiguration on my end or (less likely) outages on the Auth0 end.

Hi @dan.rumney, thanks for the clarification.
We offer the following: Monitor Auth0 - this is our offering at the moment for this topic. Hope that helps!

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