Monitoring Auth0 via an API

Hi there,

I’m running a Spring Boot application and am building out health checks.

Ideally, I want to do something like GET {my-tenant} and get a response back that indicates if the Auth0 Authentication API is up, degraded or down. I can then pass that on via my own healthcheck endpoint to indicate that my application is working but authentication with Auth0 is not (and I’d give my application a degraded status).

I’ve seen and it doesn’t really help me. I don’t want to consume an RSS feed inside my application, nor is parsing tweets from the Auth0 account an option.

Does anyone have any good ideas? Keen to learn how others are solving this need.



Hi @4lexnz

Are you using private cloud? I suspect not. There is an API you can use there.

Basically, you can write a tiny script using ROPG and a test user and the auth API to determine status…


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Hi John,

I’m trying to be really balanced in my reply here, but that’s quite a frustrating answer.

It doesn’t actually solve my problem, but from the sounds of it, there is no other way short of shelling out money for a private tenant? I’d like to make an HTTP request, and be told definitively, by Auth0 what the status of Auth0 is, in the same way many other SaaS providers do.

Writing a script that my application (or a human) then has to intuit the result of, is not a solution.

Clearly, Auth0 sees the need for this because it’s in the private cloud you mentioned right?
Why is it not available for other tenants?

I’ve always regarded Auth0 as a very developer-friendly platform, that’s why I’m advocating for it in my enterprise.

Locking basic monitoring or availability APIs behind a private cloud feels like a very developer-hostile move.

Hi @4lexnz

For private cloud, the API exposes the details of the customers install so that they can monitor it better, this is specific to private cloud and doesn’t make sense in a public cloud scenario.

I work with many different clients, and they have been satisfied with the monitoring tools available (on that link you provided above) or by using a simple ROPG test I suggested.

Auth0 is developer friendly, and we do listen to our customers. You can make a feature request here:
If there is enough support for your idea, we will do it.

If you post more details here (and they should go in the feature request) I’ll do my best to come up with a solution that works for you.