Some clarifications needed on auth status endpoints


We need to implement some monitoring on auth0 status and we would need some clarification about this page. Specifically:

  1. if we call the /test endpoint and we get a 200 we assume auth0 is up and running. But what if we get a 500? What does exactly mean that “even if they return a 500 response code, that doesn’t mean that there’s a failure”? Which is the case when the endpoint returns a 500 but the core authentication service is up?

  2. did we understand correctly that in order to know if authentication core is up /test endpoint will be enough? If so, does it mean that /testall could return 500 as a result of a supporting service being down even though the core authentication service was up, correct?

  3. Which are exactly the supporting services mentioned in the first paragraph under “Testall endpoint”?

Hey there @dario.spadoni!

Let me research it internally and get back to you with an answer!

Hey there! Sorry that it took me so long but there was some internal discussion around those questions. Here’s what I have to share:

  • It does not have rate limits right now
  • The only thing it does is basically checking that the auth0 box (auth0-server, api2, auth0-users: most of the core services) is able to respond pretty basic requests that returns 200

Our recommendation would be that if customers want to monitor if Auth0 is responding correctly they should monitor the requests they do use, that would indicate not only that Auth0 is up, but also that it is working correctly for them

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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