DNS CNAME entry for Custom Domain


We are planning to use Custom Domain so I need to do CNAME (DNS Entry) which I have done it. But my domain is with “GoDaay” and according to GoDaay support, I can not create 2 records for a particular domain (“A” record and “Cname”). So if I remove “A” record my application will not work as my application is deployed on Azure - VM and if I don’t remove the “A” record and create a CNAME record - the auth0 stops working.

Will be great if you can advise me above.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @admin2

Your login custom domain name must be different than your application name. For example, you might have an A record with app.example.com, and a CNAME record with login.example.com.

Make sense?


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Got it now. Really it makes sense.

Thanks for your response.

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No worries! We are here for you!