Display/Show previously used connection

Feature: Suppose users can login with username & password and enterprise connections, and a user logged in with the enterprise connection last time, display/suggest the connection button.

Description: On universal login page, users always have to enter their email first. Based on the domain, auth0 shows the password input or redirect to a different URL for authentication. I would like to simplify email input process. Our Authentication Profile is “Identify first”

Use-case: We work with enterprise companies and some clients login with username & password. Some clients login through enterprise connections, SAML, Azure, Google workplace etc. The number of connections is growing so we don’t want to check “display connection as button” on the login experience page because if we have 50 connections I assume there will be 50 buttons on the universal login page. I think it would be easy for users if the login page shows the previously used connection like the connection button (“Continue with Connection Name”).

For example

Email Input field
Continue button
Continue with Connection Name

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