Different applications but logins not recognized

I have a couple of applications set up in my auth0 dashboard, but when I log into one using Username-Password-Authentication my same username/password isn’t found in the other application.

Both Applications have the same connections selected. Any help would be appreciated.


To clarify, I have a Regular Web Application set up with Username-Password-Authentication + google-oauth2 connections. Logged in with username/password in this app. Then I added a new Native Application with Username-Password-Authentication + google-oauth2 connections. Tried to log in with same credentials but getting username/password not found error.

Do you have any solution? Because I have the same problem

Hey there @Ben_Smith and @s.naumenko, I’m sorry for the delay in response.

To troubleshoot this above mentioned issues we would need to snag a HAR file from you with the broken workflow and investigate where the break down was occurring on the backend. If ether of you are still experiencing this issue please direct message me a HAR file so we can work together on getting this resolved.

Due to the age of this topic, I am going to keep it open for 10 days unless I hear otherwise. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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