Deploy hook through source control

is there a way to deploy hooks (Create Hooks) from source control like for custom pages and rules ? (

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I have the same question. We would like to create a pre-user-registration hook but there appears to be no way to deploy it using the standard cli for deploying things from source control, as we do for clients, connections, emails, pages, and rules. Is there any plan to add this capability any time soon?

There appears to be something called a “Webtask cli” that you can use to deploy it, but all the links to how to install it in the documentation are broken, and searches for it turn up some service called that is “no longer accepting new user signups.”

Hi there. Sorry I missed the original message in the topic.
I’m afraid hooks can only be managed through the dashboard as of now. It’s a known missing feature and something that the Product team wants fixed, but I don’t have an ETA for a solution.

We ended up using docker

  • run wt-cli init on your local machine to get refreshtoken (since this step requires browser interaction)
  • build docker from node
  • install wt-cli in docker
  • replace variables, i.e. clientId and refresh token in .webtask
  • copy .webtask and your javascript file into docker
  • run auth0 create inside docker

Not beautiful, but it works

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