Add pre-registration hook using management API

Is it possible to add a pre-reg hook using the Management API? I read a post from last March saying it was not yet available but found no follow up. It seems a peculiar omission :thinking:


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Your findings although not the most positive ones are currently still accurate and at this time it’s not possible to manage hooks through the Auth0 Management API. In certain older tenants, which have access to the underlying Webtask API where these hooks run, it’s possible to do programmatic management of hooks through the Webtask API itself, however, this API is no longer available to newer tenants and as such it’s not a recommended solution.

I can confirm to you that the gap in relation to hooks programmatic management is indeed being tracked in product backlog and based on the information I have at this time it’s something planned to be addressed, however, I don’t have any precise information about the timeline when such feature would be made available.

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Thanks so much for the prompt reply.

It’s a real pain to be honest. Means what could have been a very nice automated deployment now requires an error-prone manual step.

I agree completely and can informally let you know that the reason that a solution for programmatic management of hooks is actively being tracked for implementation is precisely due to the automated deployments use case. This is a use case we are interest in improving as it can be shown by some of the work done in the past months as part of (

Hopefully we’ll have better news to share in the short term.

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Thanks for the link. Hopefully won’t be too long until hooks are added!