Deploying Auth0 Hook from CI/CD

We are using Auth0 hook, but would like to have that code managed & saved in our git repo, and deployed to auth0 by our CI/CD tool.

Is this possible?

According to this (, looks like we would need approval from Auth0 to maybe get access to Webtask CLI first. But even then, it looks like this pop up an editor to make change in there… doesn’t seems to allow us to push a specific file to auth0.

Maybe using the create & delete function would work, but documentation is so thin, not even sure if we can customize what gets created or if you’re supposed to create, then update using web editor…

So is it at all possible to manage the hooks from our git and CI/CD environment ourself?

Unfortunately, as of now, or webtask cli access is only available to enterprise customers or tenants created prior to 17 July 2018.

This is a heavily requested feature and this may be incorporated in time. I would recommend sharing this feature request with our product team directly here:

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That’s bad :frowning: . But thanks for the quick reply! :+1:

Will let you know Lauren once we have news to share regarding opening signups for Webtask!

@laurent1 We are adding support for hooks to the Auth0 deploy-cli next week. Please stay tuned!

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Thanks a lot for the heads-up @Chipadeedoodah!

Update: We’ve released the Hooks management API!

Wohoo! Glad to hear that!

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