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Webtask credentials for deployment pipeline



We prefer having an automated process to deploy anything.

I’ve been looking at options to deploy an Auth0 Hook from my build pipeline. The Tenant settings show a way to initialise the wt-cli (, however the token shown doesn’t seem to have an expiry, or a way to revoke it, and is not contextualised to the currently logged in auth0 user…

I’ve looked at using wt init without a token, however that does not seem capable of linking to an Auth0 Tenant…

Does anyone have a deploy pipeline for Auth0 hooks?

It would be great to be able to programmatically get a time-limited token using perhaps the Management API with an accompanying Client ID and Secret.

Auth0 rules testing using webtask token

I’m not aware of short term plans to include that as part of management API, but things change so not saying it will never happen. However, at this time, deployment automation of hooks would need to be performed through the CLI interface.

In relation to the token characteristics, have in mind that you can use the Webtask API to issue a derived token from the one you obtained and that might give you the characteristics you’re looking for in terms of expiration/revocation. I confess that I never actually do what I’m mentioning and this statement is purely backed by me looking at the docs.