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Auth0 rules testing using webtask token



I’m writing some auth0 rules tests, based on this:

The auth0-rules-testharness library provides a way to deploy, execute, and test the output of Auth0 Rules using a real webtask sandbox environment. To access my tenant’s webtask environment I need an access token.

The wording in the auth0-rules-testharness docs goes something like this:
token: the webtask token. You can get your webtask token from your auth0 dashboard. (suggesting that the access token does not expire)

Also, this post suggests the same (that is: non-expiring webtask accessToken):

However, in the auth0 dashboard, I only see instructions like:

wt init …

Following these instructions, I am able to generate an access token (can be found in ~/.webtask), however this access token is only valid for approx 12ish hours.

So… for the questions:

  1. Is the non-expiring webtask accessToken something that used to be available (and is no longer)?
  2. Can I find an accessToken elsewhere?