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How to obtain a webtask token




We have some tests that test the custom db scripts. They are based on the project

The tests require a Web Task Token and the link in the ReadMe in the auth0-customer-db-testharness (and also our ReadMe) points to to get the webtask token.

The problem is that this page doesn’t seem to have any functionality to provide a webtask token (If I remember correctly, however, it did used to). How can we get a web task token?


Using your Auth0 sandbox for creating custom webtasks is a deprecated feature. You can, however, create a free account at and from that page you should be able to follow the instructions for creating your test harness as a webtask there.


Hi, please update the documentation accordingly; it is not intuitive how to create a token which works. For example

does not contain a token by default? Also the command line parameters for creating a token is not trivial.


What are you trying to do that something is asking you for a webtask token?


You may get more mileage out of as well. The Extend Starter plan allows you to get a token that should work with the test harness.