Deploy latest code to Pre User Registration hook


We really like the “Pre User Registration Hook” provided for how it is easy for us to write code, import modules, and execute the code for test run.

We are wondering if it is possible to deploy the hook from our command line?

best, it is integrated with git, and provide the “test run” button endpoint for us to run it from command line?

@dan.woda ? :slight_smile:

Hi Jason,

Management of hooks via command-line is coming soon, but isn’t available yet. If you’d like to be one of our pre-release testers for this feature, please let me know!

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Hi Chipadeedoodah,

I would love to be the pre-release tester for this feature.
Do we have a ETA and for this feature to be available?



I’ve sent you a private message asking for your contact info so we can work together further.

Looking forward to it!