Customized 2FA - Resend code by email using guardian JS

Problem statement

We have a fully customized UI for MFA screens and integrate with Guardian JS on the Front End (Install Guardian SDK).

  1. User Logs in
  2. User gets the MFA code by SMS and lands on the page to enter the verification code.
  3. User gets the option to “resend code by sms” or “resend code by email”
    a. “resend code by sms” – We are able to achieve this behavior using the guardian library.
    b. “resend code by email” – We couldn’t find this support on the guardian library.
    Please let us know if there is a way to achieve this functionality as we fully customize MFA screens now.
    Guardian JS doesn’t seem to have this option - auth0-guardian.js/lib/auth_strategies at master · auth0/auth0-guardian.js · GitHub



The resend code by email using Guardian JS is not currently supported. We have a feature request submitted to our engineering teams asking to support the resend code by email using Guardian JS.