Custom UI for forgot password reset internal flow on hosted pages

We want to customise the UI experience for forgot password reset on the hosted pages.
Using the default script we are forced to overwrite a lot of CSS cause the js also inject the default styles. At the same time, we would prefer to use our already existing styled component library to build the UI, not override existing styles that also implies performances implications.
I then opted to attempt to use the Management API but, while is very clear how to update a password knowing the old one, there is not any documentation of how to proceed for the internal flow that starts with the e-mail to the user with a link and a query parameter 'ticket '.

Having the ticket ID, how can the reset password internal flow be implemented in the Hosted Pages via SDK or directly via the Management API?

At this time and to my knowledge there’s no formally supported way to implement a custom reset password page without resorting to the built-in widget given there are no public endpoint for the actual submission of the request. It’s true that the widget within the hosted login page will have to perform HTTP calls that could likely be mimicked by a completely custom implementation, however, have in mind that such approach is not formally supported so a change in an implementation detail could break such implementation and you would not get any notification because technically as long as the widget was updated this would not be a breaking change as everyone should be using the widget.

Thank you.
The Lock would be sufficiently customisable without overwriting styles if there was a version of this script" that doesn’t have CSS in JS.
I guess I could produce it myself but I would like to avoid it.

Did you manage to customize the reset page visually without overwriting?

can I use custom html in form?

Has anything changed with this to be able to have an actual custom UI without the widget?

Hey there @zkampmann!

Unfortunately not from our side, however you can issue a feature request directly to our product team using our feedback site:

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This article will help you learn how to configure the custom Password Reset page

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