Custom Domain Test still giving error after 12H

I added the custom sub domain in the Auth0 and it verified but after 12 hr it is still giving me error on clicking Test on dashboard
the Error

Looks like your domain is not configured correctly. Please take into account that the configuration process might take up to 10 minutes to complete due to DNS propagation

Hi @nimit.kalal ,

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I noticed that you opened a support ticket for the same issue, and below is the solution provided by our Support team. Hopefully it can help other folks in the future.

Custom domain provider: Cloudflare.

  1. follow the below instructions to verify the domain:
  1. If the domain has been verified successfully, then proceed to the next step, which is ‘Add CNAME verification record to DNS record

  2. Review your DNS settings and make sure that the CNAME record has been successfully added.

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