Create tenant, no custom agreement option

I try to create tenant, but no ‘custom agreement’ option appears, so all it does is burn a name on an orphan tenant.

I need to create a tenant associated with an existing tenant/agreement I have admin for, but the option never appears.

We need to setup isolation for dev/stage/prod, we only have one tenant now, need to create the other two with the right tags, all part of the same project/subscription.


Hey there!

Have you had a chance to check our docs on setting up different environments?

as I clearly indicate in my opening statement,
it is the Auth0 docs prompted the question;
the prompt for ‘Custom Agreement’ is not provided during tenant creation, as-indicated on the diagram.

Is this a bot?

There apparently is another ‘switch’ somewhere that controls access to this feature, and that ‘switch’ is apparently not a part of the Admin role I have for the account I’m working on.