Control appearance of Login UI based on how (loginWithRedirect) is called?

I am trying to customize the Auth0 Login experience based on my clients Requirements. They really want their Website to have 2 separate buttons…

  • One for the Login UI
  • One for the Sign Up UI

After doing a bunch of research, it looks like Auth0 can only have one Login UI.

But that one Login UI can be customized to provide both Login and Signup functionality by going to the Universal Login, HTML “Custom Login Form”.

So I plan to modify the HTML code to look similar to the “look and feel” of the Website.

I also plan to make it so the user can switch between the Login and Sign Up function.

I have two questions…

  1. Can someone provide a quick example of the HTML / CSS / Javascript code that would look similar to the default login (with a link that users can click on to enable/disable Login and Signup text and buttons).

  2. Is it possible to control how the UI starts out looking (Login enabled or Sign Up enabled) based on some parameter in the loginWithRedirect call? (i.e. <Button onClick={() => loginWithRedirect(_?something?_)}>).