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Custom Auth0 UI for website/landing pages



We are using Auth0 both for our web and mobile apps. Currently, we are using Auth0’s default UI for the signup/signin modal. We want to customize the Auth0’s design to fit natively to our website and landing pages.

There are 2 options we want to test and we are not sure which is easier and supported by Auth0:

  1. Customize the UI of the modal to any color and UI we want (including adding more fields and even dropdown selection)
  2. Design our own signup/signin screen and once a user signs up we then automatically send the email & pass to auth0 (so Auth0 is basically managing the auth but is in the background).

I need your help. What would be the optimal and faster solution for us? Any recommendations?



I can’t really recommend one solution or the other, but I can say that we went with customizing the hosted login page. Works great for both desktop and mobile. We’ve added additional fields and added drop-downs as well. However, as our signup flows have gotten more complicated (we serve a number of distinct user types) we have since simplified the signup tab in the hosted login page and now we redirect newly signed up users to an onboarding app where we can implement the more complicated logic required to onboard all our user types.


Hey there @Leoz, I feel like Markd was totally on the mark with his use-case example. The hosted login page sounds like a good fit for what you are trying to accomplish. I have linked some documentation below that may help you in your quest. Please let me know if you have any additional questions, thanks!

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