Custom login solution needed without Auth0 hosted modal

What we ideally want to do is have a custom signup page hosted on our site, where a user can signup, be logged in and use our app without being redirected to the auth0 signup/login modal hosted on auth0. The solution needs to be seamless without redirecting the user to the auth0 modal. It should happen all behind the scenes with the user never knowing we are using auth0. I have setup a successfully setup a custom domain in the dashboard but we are under the impression that anytime we use the webAuth.authorize() method we will be redirected to the auth0 modal. Is this the case? Are we missing something? Can you point us to documentation with instruction on how to implement the use case for the implementation we want? We have significant time invested into trying to get this working the way I describe and are close to throwing in the towel. I have tried using the universal login modal and it kills my conversion rate, users bail because it is confusing, hence this is why we need a custom login solution that we can highly customize.

TLDR: Can we host a custom sign page hosted on our site, and a custom login page hosted on our site, and a custom reset password page hosted on our site, and use auth0 to do the lifting behind the scenes? If so could someone please point us to code examples and docs for best practices, please.

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Hi @julianr,

There are a few resources that will point you in the right direction. It will depend on whether you are wanting to embed the login page directly in your app, or just customize the UI. Here are some resources:

Take a look at this thread:

If you want to customize the hosted login:

For embedded:

Let me know if you have questions!

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