Alternative to loginWithRedirect for the auth0 React SDK that instead defaults to the sign up page

I have two seperate buttons on my web app’s home page, one that says “sign up” and one that says “log in”. For the login button, I’m able to use the loginWithRedirect function from the useAuth0 hook. However, when it comes to the signup button, there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent signupWithRedirect function. I know I could just use loginWithRedirect and have user click the tiny “Sign up” link on the universal login page(pictured below), however that’s a bad user experience. How can I create a sign up button using the React sdk?

PS: How do I disable the “continue with google” button?(circled below as well)

Hey for the new UL experience to get users to go to the sign up page you can use the loginWithRedirect function with screen_hint

loginWithRedirect({ screen_hint: 'signup' })

Some docs about sign up for the new login experience:


Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!