Community Repo Deprecation - auth0-go

The Auth0 Community is in the process of deprecating the Community’s auth0-go repo. The repository will no longer be available on Github after the end-of-life date, September 30, 2021. Please make plans to find a suitable replacement or remove this library from any active projects before the end-of-life date. Anyone currently using the Community auth0-go repo is encouraged to use the supported SDK instead:

Please reply to this topic or create a new topic if you have any questions or concerns.


Can you clarify which is the supported SDK and which is the deprecated one? Github links would be great.

Hi @jawineinger,

This is the Community repo which will be deprecated: GitHub - auth0-community/auth0-go: Go package helping to deal with Auth0

This is the supported Auth0 SDK (this is the one used in the go quickstart): GitHub - go-auth0/auth0: Go SDK for the Auth0 platform

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