Status of Golang Management API SDK Library

I am wondering about the status of the Management API SDK Library for Golang. As it is not listed as part of Backend Service and API SDK Libraries I assume it is not (yet) officially supported or is it a documentation flaw?

It looks like go-auth0 project was mainly driven by community individuals in the past before it had been moved to the auth0 github account about 9 months ago. It is is now termed Auth0 Go SDK as part of README.

While the library appears to be complete for the parts we’re using (mainly user & organization mgmt) and works well for us it may still have shortcomings I am not aware of. So, if it is just “use at your own risk” is it still possible to advise which version to use? Currently we use v5.21.1 which is the last version published before the project move.

Hello @marcus.wittig welcome to the community!

This is a documentation flaw so thanks a bunch for pointing it out :pray: go-auth0 is fully supported and there’s already a PR to add to the documentation you’ve referenced :smile:

Thank you very much for the swift reply!

As you say, go-auth0 is fully supported, is it advised to use (migrate to) the latest version, i.e., v0.9.3?

Currently we use v5.21.1 which originates from the old go-auth0/auth0 project (before project moved). As far as I am aware of this, migrating to v0.9.3 implies some breaking changes for the application using it.

No problem, happy to help!

It’s definitely recommended that you use the latest version, but that does require a migration which does introduce breaking changes as you’ve mentioned.

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