Golang recommended tutorial and middleware

So, I am using Auth0 with Golang. There used to be an example on site, which used GitHub - auth0/go-jwt-middleware: A Middleware for Go Programming Language to check for JWTs on HTTP requests, and with some additional manipulations, I managed to succeed. Right now I am developing a new service, and I can see that now in tutorial is recommended to use https://github.com/auth0-community/go-auth0.
So, the question is: which one is actually recommended, the former looks a bit outdated, but there is no notice about it’s deprecation. Should I prefer a community one to an old one?

In general, when looking for the up-to-date recommendation you should check the quickstarts instead of going straight to GitHub repositories as the repositories themselves may linger beyond their initial usage as they are public and it would make sense to remove them.

For Go you would have the following quickstarts:

Looking at the quickstarts in particular the API one you will notice that auth0-community/go-auth0 in indeed one of the dependencies being used so it indicates that this is the recommendation for that scenario.