Changing the hosted pages language (express-openid-connect)

I am using express-openid-connect in this way:

    authRequired: false,
    auth0Logout: true,
    // more options ...

And that makes the /login, /logout and /callback routes work, but all hosted pages are in English while I have set Dutch to be the only language on[tenant]/tenant/general.

I can’t find a localization option in the config for auth(), so I am wondering how to make the pages appear in Dutch. I am using Universal Login.

Hi @rubenuijtdewilligen,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

You should be able to set dutch to be the default language by setting it as the first item in the enabled_locales array. This page has a code snippet that shows an example request.

Is that how you’ve configured your languages?

Also, can you please confirm if you are using New or Classic Universal Login?

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