Change language and options when using auth0-spa-js

Hi, I’m using auth0-spa-js (not lock!) login flow with redirect and try to figure out how to change the language (and possibly other options) for the login dialog - is this possible at all or do I have to move to lock for this to work? Examples and other answers suggest the latter.

Hey there @peterbienek, welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Let me look into this for you and see what I can dig up. Thanks!

If you’re leveraging the Universal Login with your auth0-spa-js you can configure the language options within your Auth0 Dashboard. Please let me know if you have any additional questions on this front. Thanks!

I have seen that I can provide logo url, color and background color. Where exactly can I set the language?

If that’s the only way to configure the language I need a tennant for every language, no? Ideally I’d like to pass a param for locale when calling the login dialog just like using lock.

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Following up on this @peterbienek after confirming with another engineer, if you leverage the new universal login experience, it will pull from the user’s browser language settings. Otherwise it will be primarily set within the application to feed off the initial language declared.

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