How to internationalize the Auth0 Hosted Login page?

I am using just the classic universal login experience and I have english and japanese activated in the tenant settings. How do I make it so the login page is automatically translated based on the users location?

Additionally, I would also like to translate the signUpTerms that I have added.

I have found no guide on this.

Hi @benjamin203

The documentation for internationalising Classic Universal Login is here

Essentially all you need to do it set your language as part of the options that get initialised with Lock e.g for Spanish:

// Select a supported language
var options = {
  language: 'es'

// Initiating our Auth0Lock
var lock = new Auth0Lock(

To get the browser language you might something like:

 language: navigator.language,

Look out for the supported language types as documented here:

For Spanish for example, the browser may return es-ES and may not get a match with our supported language type in which case may need to to do some mapping e.g:

if (navigator.language === "es-ES") {
  language= "es"
else {
  language = navigator.language

Hopefully you’ll be able to get this to work for you.

Warm regards.

@SaqibHussain Can I list multiple languages?

for example:

var options = {
language: ‘es, de, ja’


How do I translate the signUpTerms?

Hi @benjamin203

The documentation does not suggest you can pass in multiple languages so I wouldn’t have thought so.

To translate the signUpTerms I believe you would need to provide the translations yourself. You could for example specify your own languageBaseUrl to point to a set of dictionaries that you host, which you can customise fully for each language you wish to support and provide translations for whatever you need.

Warm regards.

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