Change password email: query strings

Need to add a query parameter to the url for change password link

  • changing the template on: https://[URL]/dashboard/pi/[tenant]/templates
  • adding a query string to the link via the code
{% assign newUrl = url | replace: '#', '&abcd=efgh#'  %}
{% assign newUrl = url | append: '&abcd=efgh'  %}

 <a id="reset_link" href="{{newUrl}}"> Reset email </a>

the link is correctly appended and showing correctly on:

  • Gmail
  • iOS-email-app
  • mac-email-app
  • mac-outlook-app

the link misses the query string when I open the email on:

  • MS Outlook on Windows

for outlook, had to use

<!--[if mso]>
<p>different URL</p>

for more info, this can help

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