Change login form orders

Change login form orders

Can change the other to watch social first, then auth0 credentials

Its just a requirement from Product Owner

Hi @ldibello,

Thanks for this feedback! Just to clarify, this feedback is referring to the New Universal Login Experience, correct?

It sounds like you’d like to be able to display the social connections above the database username/password (as it iss with the Classic Universal Login), is that correct? Thanks!

That’s correct, is it possible?

Thank you for clarifying. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible, however, this feedback is very helpful. Thank you for providing your use case in a feedback topic!

Can we know why? could be in futures updates?



The new universal login is server-side rendered and there is not a yet a setting available for altering the widget as you have requested. Unlike the Classic Experience, you cannot use your own custom login form. If you require the social connection options above the username/password fields, you can use the Classic Universal Login experience. You can read more about customizing the Universal Login Page here:

As far as a timeline, I cannot offer an estimate. The feedback provided in this category of the Community is reviewed by the product team to help in prioritizing and building out the roadmap based on votes from other members of the community. This helps provide information about use cases and popular feature requests. If a feature is released to solve for this use case, this topic should be updated.

Thanks for reply, we work with classic, but Auth0 recommend the New one, lighter and in continuos improvements, we choose it. Also Classic doesn’t have biometric mode.

Thanks, and hope take my feedback for futures improvements.

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