Users confuse social and database login options

We have the universal login screen with 2 different login options: an Auth0 database connection, and Google. Most of our users use their Google account. Not all of our users are very tech savvy.

On the universal login screen, first the email address and password fields are shown, and below that the “Continue with Google” button.

It is happening to us rather frequently that users try to enter their Google email address and password into the email address and password fields. This, of course, doesn’t work, and then this generates support requests to us, because we have to explain them that they should click the “Continue with Google” button.

Personally, I think this is understandable. To a non-tech savvy user, it is difficult to explain the difference between your “” Google account or your “” Auth0 database account.

Is this a known UX issue at Auth0? Are there any strategies to deal with this? Is it possible to at least move the “Continue with Google” button to the top of the universal login screen to make it more prominent?

Hi @thomas13 ,

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I understand that you want to move the “Continue with Google” button to the top of the Login screen. Please try the following:

  1. Branding → Universal Login → Click on Customization Options
  2. Click on Widgets under Styles
  3. for Social buttons layout click on the 2nd option
  4. Save and Publish.

Feel free to let me know if any further queries about this topic. Thanks!

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