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I am suprised with the Auth0 UX. We are trying to achieve simple registration form with 4 fields. It is unachievable with Auth0. Simple addition of first_name and last_name and you get Classic Universal Login screen that looks like 80s, and does not fetch the properly logo or colors. Whiel adding those custom forms, you cannot move those above normal fields, what already is totally UX-unfriendly. You cannot also reorder Social media logins with normal login. What is more, it is not working with custom domains. When you head to docs, you land on a page with code samples that are the exact code shipped in a template and not working.

At this moment, we have decided to cancel the subscription as Auth0 is too heavy in implementation with too little customization.

Use-case: Have a registration form with 4 fields

Hey there!

Thank you for creating this feedback card and sorry for the inconvenience and the fact that you made a decision to leave. Let’s see if this feedback card is gonna get more attention from other community users cause on a monthly basis we review those cards and add some of them to our backlog. Thank you!

I have checked your community while looking for answers. It is rather dead. I am also sorry as we invested a lot of time to have a form like this:

When I saw this…and then checked for some hours that this is all Auth0 can get without a huge effort… The above form is sooo wrong on so many aspects: social login on top, name and surname on bottom, no translation, totally 80s design…

Hello Konrad,

I just wanted to add, that Auth0 offers further Login customization using the Auth0js SDK.

To test the sample template, please go to Dashboard > Branding > Universal Login > Advanced Options > Login and choose Custom Login Form from the dropdown:


More information here:

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Honestly, @art.stupels have you used that?

Auth0.js is poorly explained over docs. Docs are generally confusing and not to the point. I tried with the logout docs, as we also had a problem that people were always logged in. Good luck configuring it based on docs. You can read 10 pages and still not learn anything…

In short, if you need Auth0 you have to have someone who is dedicated to it full-time and starts a month earlier than the rest of the team. Or simply someone who has already done 10 projects with Auth0 (somehow).

I do not understand why Auth0 is offering a free tier and address smaller project issues if there is no room for those.